Speakers / Moderators

Listen to the inspiring voices of many well-known experts on the built environment profession at The IFHP Centenary London Congress. This list will be updated regularly.

Julio D Dávila directs the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL).

Chief Executive, Town and Country Planning Association.

Chief Executive, Danish Architecture Centre.

Chairman of the Town and Country Planning Association.

Speaker: Lisa O’Donnell, Head of Spatial and Environmental Planning at Westminster City Council.

Lord Richard Best, OBE, TCPA Vice President, President of the Local Government Association, Chair of the Hanover Housing Group and House of Lords Audit Committee.

Lorraine Hudson, Future City Coordinator.

Moderator: Madam Khairiah Talha, Town Planner from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Speaker: Marcus Seaman, Senior Business Development & Strategy Manager, Liftshare.com Ltd.

Mary Walsh is Managing Director of Colbha Consulting