Thursday, June 20

Your opinion makes a difference and the evaluations are important for future planning of IFHP events.

Wednesday, June 19

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers, delegates our partners and sponsors and others who helped make the IFHP Centenary Congress in London possible.

Sunday, June 9

As the IFHP’s Centenary Congress in London on 8-11 June is ongoing, please stay updated with this information for you as a participant at the congress.

Sunday, June 9

>> The Boat Transportation to the Opening Ceremony at Forman’s Fish Island is only for paticipants who have signed up.

Saturday, June 8

Listen to Professor Timothy Broyd talk about "A new way of thinking: The 2050 Leadership Programme" at the Closing Reception.

Friday, June 7

ON-SITE registration fee will now apply.

Thursday, June 6

There was an overwhelming response to the Study Tours - thanks to those who signed up.

Thursday, June 6

Sustainability is no longer a choice of luxury; it`s an undeniable necessity.