Monday, June 10

Planning for Urban Growth : evolving the planning profession

An opportunity to discuss, present and debate the role of the planner in time of rapid urban changes and to share  practical experiences among different generations of professionals.

Role of the planning professional

To offer participants an opportunity to discuss, present and debate the role of the planner and to share individual practical experiences, knowledge and ideas. The theme itself supports the mission for Urbego and will provide a key platform to promote the vision that Urbego aims to achieve. The timing at the congress will be a good opportunity to build networks with attendees, provide strong discussion points and to be part of a key event in the IFHP calendar.

In a world of rapid urban growth, changing legislations and frameworks where does the role of the Planner sit in today’s urban decision making and what tools help planners achieve their objectives. How has the role evolved and what responsibilities, pressures and opportunities does 21st Century planning present for the Planner. With Urban Studies evolving and more young people going into professional planning, what planning jobs are people taking on and what is the relationship of the planner with other associated disciplines and planning departments. Furthermore, what can we learn from participant projects (to be discussed) and how can Urban Planning positively influence the future of cities through the profession (decision making, engagement, design, interdisciplinary working).

Possible discussion points
• International experiences of planning roles and interdisciplinary projects in different countries
• How does legislation and framework shape the professional planners role (e.g. localism, NPPF)
• Function of professional associations today: place for the definition of a common ethic, national and international voice for planners and planning
• Project planning and governance: new interactive roles for planners, where they must increasingly interact with the diverse actors in the city and include values that are otherwise outside of ‘professional planning’.
• Planning for Urban Growth (tools, skills, pressures and decisions/opportunities)
• How can Urbego facilitate this, assist young planners in international planning

1 hour discussion as part of the IFHP “Challenging of Urban Growth” conference track

Matt Newby, Zoe Green, Giulia Maci

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