Charles Landry

Speaker: Charles Landry, Owner, Comedia - the urban futures think tank.

Twitter: @LandryTweet

Charles Landry is an international authority on the use of imagination and creativity in urban change. He helps cities identify and make the most of their resources and to reach their potential by triggering their inventiveness and thinking. His overall aim is to help cities get onto the global radar screen, to become more resilient and self-sustaining.

Acting as a critical friend, Charles works closely with decision makers and local leaders. He stimulates, facilitates and inspires, so cities can transform for the better. He helps find apt and original solutions to seemingly intractable dilemmas, such as marrying innovation and tradition, balancing wealth creation and social cohesiveness, or local distinctiveness and a global orientation. One focus is how the culture of a place can invigorate and revitalize the economy, enhancing its sense of self and confidence.

Charles has written several books and is best known for, The Creative City: A toolkit for Urban Innovators, a concept that has become a global movement.  This title was followed by, The Art of City Making and The Intercultural City: Planning for Diversity Advantage, the latter title co-written with Phil Wood. In 2012, Charles launched a new series of short, fully illustrated books, including: The Sensory Landscape of Cities; The Origins and Futures of the Creative City; The Creative City Index: Measuring the Pulse of the City; and Culture & Commerce.

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