Arun Jain

Arun Jain is an urban designer and urban strategist with over 28 years of international experience in practice and academia.

After last serving as Portland’s first Chief Urban Designer (2002-09), he now works with foundations, institutions, development companies, public agencies, universities and others to improve cities and urban life.

Arun’s career spans a wide range of scales, geographies and cultural landscapes. From small nation level decision-making tools to the design and planning of new towns and main streets, he uses frameworks, context and integration to foster uniqueness and counter uncertainty.

Using design and strategic thinking, his interventions range from addressing corporate strategic positioning and institutional purpose to the project level to ensure collective efforts remain relevant and viable.  His current involvements include: identifying emergent serious urban development problems, clarifying the role of technology, urban infrastructure; the (re)design of institutions, and better methods for planning and decision support.

Arun has designed over 75 new private and public sector projects across the world.  As a teacher and mentor he has many published contributions to his credit.  He has delivered in over 100 major keynotes, conferences, seminars and workshops in professional and academic settings. Arun also frequently teaches at many universities. He serves on the boards and as advisor to many international academic and professional institutions related to urban betterment.

Trained as an architect, Arun holds two masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Urban Design Program. Professionally and philosophically, he continues to search for better balances between the environmental, economic and ethical dimensions of sustainability.