Adrian Campbell

Speaker: Adrian Campbell, chartered civil engineer for Arup in London.

He combines structural engineering with a broader sustainable design focus, encouraged by Arup’s long-standing tradition of holistic or total design.

He graduated from Southampton University in 1988 and did a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment at the University of Cambridge from1999 to 2001.

He has been engaged in what is now referred to as “sustainable” design for about 20 years, since his early career placement in Botswana where passive building and solar energy/heat production were adopted as simply appropriate for that climate. Adrian maintains his connection to this earlier work, undertaking low cost schools projects in Malawi, Kenya and now Uganda, demonstrating how engineering design can help deliver better performance and resilience at the margins of technology and cost.

Adrian helped draft Arup’s own approach to sustainable building design back in 2007 and was on the working group of the UK Engineering Council to develop its principles of sustainability.

More recently he led the Airut project in Helsinki looking at low carbon designs for cities and where climate change and user behaviour were key to understanding the best design solutions to adopt.

He is currently researching the application of timber structures and systems and how they can provide opportunities for lowering embodied building impacts.

As is appropriate for a discussion on consumption and behavioural change, Adrian is a keen cyclist with the yearly goal of riding to work whatever the weather. He also uses the very non-technical method of simply noting down his meter readings each month to track his resource use and help optimise the efficiency of his own house.