About The IFHP Centenary Congress

Cities in transition, resilient cities and inclusive cities

The IFHP Centenary Congress 'A tomorrow for cities - for people, by people' is the pivotal event of the centenary year. At its100th birthday the IFHP’s congress tackles key issues facing the future of cities head on.

8-11 June 2013

The congress takes a retrospective and prospective view of cities, reflecting on the lessons of the past and asking what tomorrow holds for human settlements, how the future of cities can be shaped, and what practical solutions are required to establish the sustainable societies of tomorrow.

Cities are constantly changing, forever in transition from one state to the next. Tomorrow's cities need to be resilient to environmental risks and able to withstand economic shocks. They must be inclusive in terms of how they are governed and planned; becoming places in which social justice shapes the physical and economic fabric.

Cities in transition, resilient cities and inclusive cities
The three themes of cities in transition, resilient cities and inclusive cities give shape to the congress tracks, each dealing with cross cutting themes linking to the environmental, social, demographic, political and economic challenges facing cities and urban populations, and aiming to present an inspiring, positive vision and exploration of solutions to address these challenges.

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