Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 13:30

The 2050 Leadership Programme

Listen to Professor Timothy Broyd talk about "A new way of thinking: The 2050 Leadership Programme" at the Closing Reception.

About "A new way of thinking: The 2050 Leadership Programme"
Changing the way the world thinks about the built environment.The 2050 Leadership Programme will host its first cohort in 2014.
Our world is full of challenges – some that we are tackling and others that we’re yet to encounter. Organisations with a stake in the built environment face more uncertainties than ever before, from de¬mographic and climate change to issues of energy, materials and cyber security.

What we do know for sure is that the way we think about the built environment has to change, for good. What’s needed is a joined-up, holistic way of thinking about challenges and opportunities, enriched by knowledge and insight from across disciplines.

Short residential modules, projects, discussions, research and keynote events, coordinated and deliv¬ered by leading academics from across The Bartlett and UCL, will foster a spirit of intensive collaboration within our learning community, and help change the way they – and in turn, we – think about the built environment.

This intensive collaboration will broaden and deepen over the years through a vibrant alumnus network and programme, meaning that attendance on the 2050 Leadership Programme will be the start of a lifelong journey.
We are The Bartlett, changing the way the world thinks about the built environment.

Creating a network of leaders
To cultivate this new approach, The Bartlett is estab¬lishing the 2050 Leadership Programme, to create a powerful, effective network of individuals who can lead the development of a built environment fit for the future.
The 2050 Leadership Programme will break new ground. It will be the first place in the UK for out¬standing managers and professionals to develop a truly integrated understanding of issues affecting what, how and where we build, and will lay the foun¬dation for a globally-recognised centre of excellence in holistic, interdisciplinary thinking.

The Programme will be delivered through a rolling, ongoing series of courses delivered by experts in their fields. Lectures will be just one element of the learning environment.

The 2050 Programme is being developed by various Academics from across the Bartlett and other UCL Faculties.

To register interest, request an invitation to the launch event, or for more information please get in touch with:

Professor Timothy Broyd FREng FICE
Programme Director
Chair in Built Environment Foresight
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 3214